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Pre-purchase timber pest inspection Sydney

pre-purchase timber pest inspection Sydney

pre-purchase timber pest inspection Sydney
pre-purchase timber pest inspection Sydney



We all know that when you are buying a home it can be quite daunting, our minds keep racing, what if this home has termites or structural damage.


With all the excitement there can be confusion too. A lot of new home buyers are not aware of what needs to be done when buying a new home.


Did you know that as a prospective buyer that when you ask for the contract of sale from the real estate agent that you are considering buying your new home from they must inform you about any previous timber pest inspection reports that may have been commissioned by either the owner of the dwelling or by the real estate agent themselves. You may in fact be able to negotiate the price to favour your way with the pre-existing pre-purchase pest inspection report.


With a pre-purchase inspection there are two parts:


  1. Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Inspection (pest controller)
  2. Pre- Purchase Building Inspection (Builder)


Each pre-purchase timber inspection that is carried out by Redline Pest Control will be in accordance to Australian Standards – AS 4349.1 – pre-purchase inspections.


What is a pre-purchase timber pest inspection?


A pre-purchase timber pest inspection is an initial inspection when a prospective buyer is interested in a property they will source out a pest controller to conduct a pre-purchase timber pest inspection to ascertain whether their new home has been hit with active termites, borers, previous damage due to either one of those, mould, dampness, drainage, and the list goes on. You will receive a coloured multipage report which includes photos, recommendations on how to reduce the risk for termites, what is a risk to your potential new home.


When your Redline Pest Control inspector arrives he will be on the lookout for termites and borers.


Redline Pest Control pest inspector will inspect the following areas of the dwelling that you are considering buying:


  • Roof voids
  • Subfloors
  • All internal areas
  • All external areas
  • Water drainage
  • Toxic materials
  • Wiring
  • Mould
  • Foundations
  • Fence lines/garden beds
  • Trees
  • Out buildings
  • Retaining walls
  • Driveways and pathways


What are the major reasons why you should invest in obtaining a pre-purchase timber pest inspection before you consider your finances into the property.


  • Awareness

Just visiting the premises will not help you ascertain if there is no termite/structural damage in the premises you are going to purchase.

A full timber pest inspection needs to be carried-out, so you know of any issues that you may not see with the naked eye.

  • Value assessment

Pre-purchase timber pest inspection will play an important role in the final assessment in the true value of the premises you are intending to purchase.

Pest/timber issues are not always resolved easily and can be quite costly.

If you think that the property seems a bit overpriced, you can negotiate a better price with the vendor based on the reports from your pest timber inspection report.

  • Unseen flaws

Redline Pest Controls timber pest inspectors can help identify any unseen flaws of a premises before purchasing the premises as there is always something that may need rectifying.

A pre-purchase timber pest inspection can help locate any unseen flaws that the premises may have and bring them to the attention of the potential buyer to provide them with all of the information on that premises required to know the true depth of any pest/timber issues and how the timber/pest problems can be resolved in a quick and swift manner.

  • Knowledge of the overall investment on the premises

A pre-purchase timber pest inspection can help you negotiate a better price with the vendor if there are pre-existent timber/pest issues.

Did you know that if there is any timber/pest issues and that you may need to invest in resolving these issues financially that you can negotiate the price of sale due to these flaws in the premises you are about to buy.

  • Aid in Negotiations in purchasing your new premises

Pre-purchase pest/timber inspection reports help to gain knowledge of the true value of the premises you are about to buy. They can help aid you a better price negotiation with the vendor to help you acquire a better deal for your new premises.

  • Buy with confidence

A pre-purchase timber pest inspection helps you ascertain whether you have made the right decision on purchasing your new premises.


pre-purchase timber pest inspection Sydney
pre-purchase timber pest inspection Sydney


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Pre-Purchase Inspections Sydney




Congratulations you made the first step on purchasing that dream home or investment property. But what do you need to do to make sure that you are protected when it comes to purchasing that property?


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What is the first step that buyers must do?


First step that all buyers must do is a pre-purchase inspection. This inspection is a must if you want to avoid buying a lemon house. Who here wants to buy a home then find out later that the property that they have bought is actually riddled with termites, wood rot and many other issues.


So what Does Redline Pest Control have to offer when it comes to your pre-purchase inspection?


  • Fully licensed and insured with public liability.
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.
  • Technicians who are highly trained to pick up the smallest inconsistencies on or around your property.
  • A service which is not only of the highest standard but a professional approach to speak to you in a way that you will understand.
  • Competitive prices.


What are you looking for in a pre-purchase inspection?


When a Redline Pest Control technician conducts a pre-purchase inspection he is looking for any termites, termite workings, borers, borer’s damage, wood rot, ventilation issues, poor drainage, high risk areas for termites and structural damage.


How do you conduct a pre-purchase inspection?


  • Inspect all interior walls, skirtings and staircases.
  • Inspect roof void, subfloor, outbuilding and external areas.
  • Tapping of timbers and use of a moisture meter to see if there is any internal areas that look out of the norm.


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Once the inspection has been done what do I get so I know the inspection has been carried out?


  • Full inspection report outlining any issues that we may of found.
  • Report includes high definition photos of any issues.
  • Free no obligation quote to fix any issues regarding termites or if you need a termite prevention barrier.
  • Advise you of things which need to be removed from the property such a sleepers, timbers, logs, wood chippings and various other items as it very well could attract termites.

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