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Three things Rodents love about your home.


Three things Rodents love about your home.
Three things Rodents love about your home.


Three things Rodents love about your home.
What are rodents?


When we talk about rodents to our clients some are often confused as most people don’t associate the word rodents with mice and rats. Rodents also include hamsters, Guinea pigs, porcupines, prairie dogs and beavers.


So why did rodents pick my home?


When we think about the reasons people get rodents we start to wonder how dirty people are. That is not the case though. We get calls all the time from clients who has rodent issues and they have the cleanest homes.


Where there is warmth, shelter and a food source rodents can pop up in anyone’s home. Pet food, pet waste, bird aviaries, heavy foliage, and bird feeders are all attractants for rodents.


  • Rodents love to set up their nest in warm environments.
  • Rodents love to have adequate shelter so they can reproduce and have somewhere to sleep.
  • Having a food source can lead rodents to enter your home, garbage, pet food, pet poop that hasn’t been cleaned up, high vegetation, cleaning up bird aviaries, if you have fruit trees pick up rotting fruit, removing water sources such as pet bowls, bird baths and other sources that you may have.


What can you do to prevent rodents?


  • Go around the outside of your home cut down any trees which are overhanging on your property, get into the garden and prune any shrubs and vegetation.
  • After you feed your pet pick up their bowl and wash it, at the end of the day put your pets water away.
  • Take your bin out at the end of each day.
  • Wash up, sweep/mop floors and wipe benches down each day.
  • Seal any cracks and crevices in and around your home.
  • Remove any debris around your home so there is no hiding spaces for rodents.
Three things Rodents love about your home.
Three things Rodents love about your home.


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Three things Rodents love about your home.

Dead carcasses and the blow fly!

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Monday I had a frantic call from a concerned client saying there was an unusual amount of blow flies swarming in her home and she didn’t know where they were coming from.


I asked her the usual questions like can she smell something decaying, was there any meat left out, does she have pets as maybe it is the food that they might not of eaten, to check to see if there was any animals on her property that may of passed. Nothing I asked was occurring so I asked one of our technicians to do an emergency job to investigate why this customer has blow flies in her home.


John arrived at the client’s home in Parramatta and searched the lawns, subfloor, and interior and made his way up to the roof void where he instantly smelled a decaying matter. Upon further investigations of the roof void he had found dead rodents in the roof void.


John removed two dead rodents but was unable to get the third rodent as it had slipped into the wall cavity. John advised the customer that he was putting the odour eliminating bag in the roof void and that it will suck up any bad smells that was in the roof void.


Our client had used a different pest controller to do a rodent treatment and when she had tried to call that pest controller he no longer had his phone in service.


Usually when pest controllers bait for rodents they will use bait that has a thinning agent in it so it coagulates the blood stopping it from releasing a bad smell.


Unfortunately for our client the bait that was used was a stock standard bait that you could get from the local hardware house which doesn’t have this thinning agent in it.


Needless to say our client was so happy that the blow flies have since disappeared and that we have found the source of the issue.


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Commercial Hygiene & Pest Management

Commercial Hygiene & Pest Management


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Commercial Hygiene & Pest Management


Last night was my first night out with one of our technicians to do pest control on a commercial take away food shop in the city.


Needless to say that I was appalled by what I had seen in this tiny take away shop.


There was no commercial hygiene & pest management implemented at all in these premises.


You see being in the office I never really thought of the hygiene aspect that goes hand in hand with pest control.


So you can imagine when I was at this take away shop I was a taken back from what I saw.


It is very important that if you own a take away shop that you keep it in a clean manner not only to avoid pest from claiming your shop theirs but from potentially poisoning if not killing your future customers.


I must stress that it is important to have an appropriate pest & hygiene management plan in action.


Try having a checklist of what needs to be done before you walk out that door to go home.


• Clean all cooking equipment so no left up grease is left behind.
• Wipe down all benches and counters with a cleaning agent.
• Do not leave any food scraps or food out of their containers.
• Put food away especially food that needs to be in the fridge or freezer.
• Sweep and mop all flooring with a cleaning agent.
• Take the rubbish out each night.


Pest carry diseases such as salmonella, listeria, bacteria and other forms of viruses which can either make your customers very sick with food poisoning or potentially kill them. Pest will run and walk over food preparation areas, food, utensils, pots and pans.


In Australia there have been many reports over the last food months of food poisoning as some business owners have little to no knowledge of food hygiene.


Councils are now trying to work with owners and staff who run and operate services in the food industry.


However councils are also fining and shutting down those who do not comply with the rules and regulations of the food act 2003.


Once the council has given you a warning and you still do not comply with the order you will be given a fine and place on the Food Authority website in their name and shame section for any members of the public to view which could lead to customers no longer wanting to come to your commercial premises therefore could potentially send you out of business.


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