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Kicking roof rats to the curb Blue Mountains

Kicking roof rats to the curb Blue Mountains


kicking roof rats to the curb Blue Mountains
kicking roof rats to the curb Blue Mountains


Roof rats are becoming an increasing problem here in the Blue Mountains over the past several years or so.


Rodents are prone to seek shelter during the cooler months of the year and will cause havoc by causing them to invade your humble abode and bring their viruses and diseases with them which can make you very sick.


Here at Redline Pest Control we can keep your home a rat-free zone by kicking roof rats to the curb Blue Mountains, we will customise a specialised rodent package for you and your humble abode.


Redline Pest Control will be kicking roof rats to the curb Blue Mountains!


A good way to help reduce or prevent roof rats from making their home your home is to go around regularly and check for any damage or possible entry points and proof them to avoid the dreaded roof rat from settling in and creating a family within your four walls.


Trim away all-over hanging branches from overgrown trees that is hanging close or over your roof.


Make sure you that you dispose of any food matter or water sources as rodents love a good feed and drink when the night has settled.


If you pet has finished their food and water for the night remove their bowls so that there is no food or water for rodents.


Did you know that rodents love veggies, fruit and nut trees like we do, it is like an open buffet feast for these pesky rodents?


What are some signs that you may notice when having a rodent issue in your home?


  • Look for rodent droppings in and around your home
  • Gnawing or scratching noises coming from the roof or walls
  • Damage of electrical wiring
  • Grease marks on their run paths
  • Pets being agitated or stressed
  • Rodents make squeaking noises
  • Containers and bags eaten through if there is a food source
  • Dropping and urine smell


If you suspect that you have rodents, please don’t try and handle it on your own as that can cost you more in the long run.


Call Redline Pest Control today on 9920 0790 or 0426 002 007 for a free no obligation quote on how Redline Pest Control will be kicking roof rats to the curb Blue Mountains.


Our rodent treatments come with a six-month warranty for your peace of mind.


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Giant rodents eats 3 month old baby girl.





It really saddens me when I think of how a mother could take one of her two twins out to a nightclub while the other twin is at home all alone while been eaten alive by rodents.


Even though this has not happened in Australia we still have a duty of care to protect our own children and other misfortunate adults.
What are some ways that you can protect your premises from rodents taking up a nice cozy spot in your humble abode.


1) Remove any debris which is on or around your home as rodents love to hide in the debris as it gives them shelter.

2) Put all rubbish from inside out each day and always make sure that your council bin is secure and away from the entry points of your home.

3) After your pet has finished eating and drinking put their food bowl and water bowl away.

4) Cut all shrubs, vines and tree branches that are over hanging on your home, by doing this you will take away their run paths.

5) Inspections both internally and externally to see if there are any holes or gaps which will need to be sealed as these holes or gaps are entry points for rodents.

6) Make sure that after each meal you clean up so there is no food source for rodents.



If you are having issues with rodents you should always contact a professional who will use the appropriate rodent bait and will install rodent bait boxes where needed.


If you would like to see the article please click on the link below.



Link is curtesy of 9MSN http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/real-life/wtf/giant-rats-eat-threemonthold-baby-alive-in-johannesburg-after-mother-went-out-partying/news-story/b387bd9516b75c5e28172c1d19847c5e

Rodents in Sydney and why they are coming inside our homes?

Rodents in Sydney and why they are coming inside our homes?


Rodents in Sydney and why they are coming inside our homes?
Rodents in Sydney and why they are coming inside our homes?


Rodent control Sydney, do you know if you have an unwanted visitor?


Great, it is that time of the year when rats or mice tend to sneak into our humble abode and claim it as their new residence.


With the cold settling in rodents too get cold and need a warm place to hibernate until it starts to warm up outside.


What does this mean for you, for me or Betty down the street?


Whether you call them rodents, rats or mice they are one of the most disgusting critters that could live in your home.


Why you may ask, well you see with rodents comes disease and potentially the risk of being sick or even death has occurred.


Rats and mice urinate and poop everywhere causing allergic reactions, spreading of bacteria and worst of all contaminating not only our food but our cookware to.


What diseases and viruses can rats or mice pass onto us?


  • Bubonic Plague
  • Salmonellosis
  • Leptospirosis
  • Rat Bite Fever
  • Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis
  • Rickettsial Pox
  • Hantavirus
  • Weil’s Disease
  • Tape Worm
  • Jaundice
  • Food Poisoning


What are some signs that indicate that you have rodents?


  • Runways – rodents use the same run path to gain their food and water.
  • Rub Marks – where there is a runway you will most likely have rubbing marks caused by the rodent’s dirty body.
  • Dropping and Urine – you can usually visibly see the rodent droppings and smell the rodents urine.
  • Burrow – rats will create burrows for hiding and nesting. These are usually in your garden or lawns.
  • Noises – rodents will create noise either but scratching, gnawing, squealing and fighting each other.
  • Objects in and around your home which have been gnawed as their teeth continually grow this is a way to keep their teeth short.
  • If your pets go crazy at something that you cannot see.
  • Electrical wires – electrical wiring short circuiting.


While rodents have poor eyesight they certainly make up for that by their other senses which includes, great sense of smell, taste, touch, hearing and kinesthesia.


What separates Redline Pest Control apart from other pest control companies?


  • Inspect, identify and treat.
  • We think like rodents so that way when it comes to treating rodents we will knock them down with the initial treatment.
  • Redline Pest Control implements the IPM approach by incorporating both non chemical and chemical methods.
  • Redline Pest Control doesn’t just rely on one formula to eradicate rodents.


What can you do to rodent proof your home?


  • Seal any holes or gaps in and around your home.
  • Cut any overhanging tree branches, shrubs and vines around your home.
  • After each meal, clean up as this prevents and food source for rodents.
  • After your pet has finished eating and drinking for the night put their bowls away.
  • At the end of each night take the rubbish out to the council bin.
  • Remove anything in and around your house that may give rodents a place to hide.


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