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What attracts rats and mice

What attracts rats and mice


What attracts rats and mice
What attracts rats and mice


When I think of rats and mice, I get a shiver running down my spine. I think about all the nasty diseases they carry, and I also get quite annoyed when they start eating our fresh produce that we grow in the backyard. I had been watching and letting my zucchini get to a reasonable size so I could make some tasty fritters but to my surprise the rat that decided it was going to for their dinner and not my breakfast.


I was determined that I was going to handle getting this pesky little rat out of my garden and on deaths door, yep, yeah right, it toyed with me, making me go insane until I had to realise that defeat was on the cards and that I would have to come into work and tell the technicians about this disgusting pesky rat that is eating my fruit and veggies. Lucky for me George came around to my home and set up an effective rodent bait treatment that quickly and swiftly got the results of getting rid of this hairy little monster.


So, what attracts rats and mice and how can we effectively get rid of them, so they don’t destroy our crops, pass on diseases and make our home their residence.


Food sources

What attracts rats and mice is having an abundance of food, this can be from kitchen scraps to the compost, my precious fruit and garden, having poultry, having birds, have cats or dogs food left out, not packing food away in the appropriate containers, not having a secure bin and having an overgrown junk yard.


Water sources

Did you know that if you have leaky pipes and poor drainage is perfect for rats and mice as it gives them an abundance of water so they can stay hydrated. So, get those pipes and drains fixed ASAP At night time before you go to bed it is important to remove all water sources such as pet water bowls so that way there is no water source for them to drink in or around your home.


Prevention tips

Why these tips will help prevent an infestation of rats and mice it is not a cure, if you notice that you do have an infestation of rats and mice it is best to call for a professional pest controller as we have the skills and right baiting system for your home or business. We will bait accordingly and when doing rodent treatments, we will always use rodent bait boxes so we don’t harm or kill your family members or any pets that may live or visit your home.


So, what are some things you could do to help prevent rats and mice?

  • Have mini inspections on your home to see if there is anything that would be tasty for rats and mice.
  • Fix any pipes or drainage issues ASAP.
  • Always keep your rubbish secured so they can’t get through it.
  • Seal off any holes in or around your home so they can’t squeeze their way inside.
  • Don’t have your yard looking like a junkyard.
  • Always have the grass cut short.
  • Any over hanging tree branches trim them down.
  • Store all food in airtight containers.
  • Remove pet bowls at the end of the night so they can’t eat or drink.


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We treat All of Sydney including the Blue Mountains – Katoomba, Glenbrook, Blaxland, Emu Plains, Hawkesbury Heights, Hazelbrook, Springwood, Valley Heights, Luera, Lawson, Blackheath, Faulconbridge, Wentworth Falls, Winmalee, Yellow Rock, Mount Riverview

Rodents in Sydney and why they are coming inside our homes?

Rodents in Sydney and why they are coming inside our homes?


Rodents in Sydney and why they are coming inside our homes?
Rodents in Sydney and why they are coming inside our homes?


Rodent control Sydney, do you know if you have an unwanted visitor?


Great, it is that time of the year when rats or mice tend to sneak into our humble abode and claim it as their new residence.


With the cold settling in rodents too get cold and need a warm place to hibernate until it starts to warm up outside.


What does this mean for you, for me or Betty down the street?


Whether you call them rodents, rats or mice they are one of the most disgusting critters that could live in your home.


Why you may ask, well you see with rodents comes disease and potentially the risk of being sick or even death has occurred.


Rats and mice urinate and poop everywhere causing allergic reactions, spreading of bacteria and worst of all contaminating not only our food but our cookware to.


What diseases and viruses can rats or mice pass onto us?


  • Bubonic Plague
  • Salmonellosis
  • Leptospirosis
  • Rat Bite Fever
  • Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis
  • Rickettsial Pox
  • Hantavirus
  • Weil’s Disease
  • Tape Worm
  • Jaundice
  • Food Poisoning


What are some signs that indicate that you have rodents?


  • Runways – rodents use the same run path to gain their food and water.
  • Rub Marks – where there is a runway you will most likely have rubbing marks caused by the rodent’s dirty body.
  • Dropping and Urine – you can usually visibly see the rodent droppings and smell the rodents urine.
  • Burrow – rats will create burrows for hiding and nesting. These are usually in your garden or lawns.
  • Noises – rodents will create noise either but scratching, gnawing, squealing and fighting each other.
  • Objects in and around your home which have been gnawed as their teeth continually grow this is a way to keep their teeth short.
  • If your pets go crazy at something that you cannot see.
  • Electrical wires – electrical wiring short circuiting.


While rodents have poor eyesight they certainly make up for that by their other senses which includes, great sense of smell, taste, touch, hearing and kinesthesia.


What separates Redline Pest Control apart from other pest control companies?


  • Inspect, identify and treat.
  • We think like rodents so that way when it comes to treating rodents we will knock them down with the initial treatment.
  • Redline Pest Control implements the IPM approach by incorporating both non chemical and chemical methods.
  • Redline Pest Control doesn’t just rely on one formula to eradicate rodents.


What can you do to rodent proof your home?


  • Seal any holes or gaps in and around your home.
  • Cut any overhanging tree branches, shrubs and vines around your home.
  • After each meal, clean up as this prevents and food source for rodents.
  • After your pet has finished eating and drinking for the night put their bowls away.
  • At the end of each night take the rubbish out to the council bin.
  • Remove anything in and around your house that may give rodents a place to hide.


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Three things Rodents love about your home.


Three things Rodents love about your home.
Three things Rodents love about your home.


Three things Rodents love about your home.
What are rodents?


When we talk about rodents to our clients some are often confused as most people don’t associate the word rodents with mice and rats. Rodents also include hamsters, Guinea pigs, porcupines, prairie dogs and beavers.


So why did rodents pick my home?


When we think about the reasons people get rodents we start to wonder how dirty people are. That is not the case though. We get calls all the time from clients who has rodent issues and they have the cleanest homes.


Where there is warmth, shelter and a food source rodents can pop up in anyone’s home. Pet food, pet waste, bird aviaries, heavy foliage, and bird feeders are all attractants for rodents.


  • Rodents love to set up their nest in warm environments.
  • Rodents love to have adequate shelter so they can reproduce and have somewhere to sleep.
  • Having a food source can lead rodents to enter your home, garbage, pet food, pet poop that hasn’t been cleaned up, high vegetation, cleaning up bird aviaries, if you have fruit trees pick up rotting fruit, removing water sources such as pet bowls, bird baths and other sources that you may have.


What can you do to prevent rodents?


  • Go around the outside of your home cut down any trees which are overhanging on your property, get into the garden and prune any shrubs and vegetation.
  • After you feed your pet pick up their bowl and wash it, at the end of the day put your pets water away.
  • Take your bin out at the end of each day.
  • Wash up, sweep/mop floors and wipe benches down each day.
  • Seal any cracks and crevices in and around your home.
  • Remove any debris around your home so there is no hiding spaces for rodents.
Three things Rodents love about your home.
Three things Rodents love about your home.


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What services does Redline Pest Control Offer?

What is the Integrated Pest Management and how can you implement this system in your home.


Three things Rodents love about your home.

Dead carcasses and the blow fly!

pest pic


Monday I had a frantic call from a concerned client saying there was an unusual amount of blow flies swarming in her home and she didn’t know where they were coming from.


I asked her the usual questions like can she smell something decaying, was there any meat left out, does she have pets as maybe it is the food that they might not of eaten, to check to see if there was any animals on her property that may of passed. Nothing I asked was occurring so I asked one of our technicians to do an emergency job to investigate why this customer has blow flies in her home.


John arrived at the client’s home in Parramatta and searched the lawns, subfloor, and interior and made his way up to the roof void where he instantly smelled a decaying matter. Upon further investigations of the roof void he had found dead rodents in the roof void.


John removed two dead rodents but was unable to get the third rodent as it had slipped into the wall cavity. John advised the customer that he was putting the odour eliminating bag in the roof void and that it will suck up any bad smells that was in the roof void.


Our client had used a different pest controller to do a rodent treatment and when she had tried to call that pest controller he no longer had his phone in service.


Usually when pest controllers bait for rodents they will use bait that has a thinning agent in it so it coagulates the blood stopping it from releasing a bad smell.


Unfortunately for our client the bait that was used was a stock standard bait that you could get from the local hardware house which doesn’t have this thinning agent in it.


Needless to say our client was so happy that the blow flies have since disappeared and that we have found the source of the issue.


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Rodent Control Sydney


Rodent Control Sydney

Rodent Control Sydney
Rodent Control Sydney



Here at Redline Pest Control the girls in the office have been receiving a lot of calls in regards to rodents in Blacktown, Castle Hill, Parramatta, Strathfield, and Penrith.


As the weather turns to a cold front rodents are nestling in homes across Sydney.

If not caught early a rodent infestation can get out of hand very quickly as rodents breed very quickly.




Rodents are very good climbers and will find an overhanging branch, pipes, vines and will even scale the walls.


Rodents can squeeze through an opening the size of a 10C piece. This is because rodents have a long cylindrical shape and they are extremely flexible.


Rodents will travel the same route to source food and water unless there is a new object in their run path.


Rodents are considered to be neophobic which is a fear of new objects which have appeared in their environment.


Rodents have very poor eye sight and will solely depend on other senses like smells, vibrations, hearing and touching objects.


Unfortunately in Australia tons of food is thrown away due to contamination from rodent’s urine or droppings.


There is many transmitted diseases that rodents carry such as Weil’s disease, Salmonella food poisoning, Tape worm, Jaundice, Bubonic plague, Lymphocytic choriomeningitis and Mild meningitis.


Rodent Control Sydney


What does Redline Pest Control do when inspecting for rodents?


Redline Pest Control follows the R.IG.H.T step and will always inspect all areas in and around your home or business.


The Importance of Inspections

  • R: Rodent Species
  • I: Infestation Severity
  • G: Gaps that need rodent proofing
  • H: High activity areas
  • T: Tools that you need to use

Key Inspection Points

  • Ask the customer what sort of activity have they seen
  • Inspection should be three dimensional up down and side to side
  • Identify any food source IE citrus trees, pet food, rubbish bins ETC
  • Identify any areas which may be an issue and cause high pressure areas
  • Always educate the customer from the start so they know what is going on

 Common Areas to Examine

  • Rodents will follow their pathways where they run in and along the buildings
  • Check all pipelines and utility lines are sealed to  prevent rodents entering the building
  • Poor sanitation areas must be checked
  • Areas which have a source of warmth
  • Rood void
  • Debris outside

How can you recognise if you have a rodent infestation in your home or business?

1) Scratching noises in your roof void or wall cavities.

2) A musky odour or urine smell.

3) Rodent droppings in and around your home.

4) Rubbing stains which rodents leave behind. This is when rodents use the same path over and the mud and dirt on their feet leave a stain.

5) Gnawed wood, pipes, gyprock and any other surface as rodents need to wear their teeth down as they grow very quickly. (Water leaks is an ideal breeding ground not only for rodents but for termites as well)


6) Electrical cords which have been eaten.


7) Food packaging which has been shredded.


8) Screeching noises from when rodents fight.


9) Your pet being excited in a particular area where the rodent is.


10) Nest or burrows in and around your home.


How can you proof your home against rodents?


1) Inspect both internally and externally and see if there is any little holes or gaps which need to be sealed.


2) Cut all shrubs, vines and tree branches (especially over hanging branches) by doing this you will take away their hiding spots.


3) Clean up after each meal so there is no food source for rodents.


4) Put your pet’s food bowl and water bowl away after each meal.


5) Put all rubbish out each day and make sure that your council bin is secure and away from the entry of your home.


6) Remove any debris which is around your home as rodents love to hide in the debris.


Rodent Control Sydney


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10 fun facts about Mice


10 fun facts about Mice


House Mouse - Mus Musculus
10 fun facts about Mice



  1. Did you know that a mouse heart beat is 632 beats per minute, whereas humans are anywhere from 60 to 100 beats per minute.
  2. Mice can squeeze through a hole of around the size of the end of a pen.
  3. Mice will play dead if they feel threatened.
  4. Did you know that a group of mice are call mischief.
  5. Male Mice are called bucks and female Mice are called does.
  6. A mouse was first cloned in 1997 and lived just over 2 years.
  7. Mice have 14 teeth and do not loose teeth like humans do.
  8. Mice have scales on their tail to help them climb walls.
  9. A female mouse can become pregnant within 48 hours are giving birth to pups.
  10. A baby mouse is called a pup, pinky or kitten.


10 fun facts about Mice


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