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Out comes the cockies and other pest.


Out comes the cockies and other pest.
Out comes the cockies and other pest.


Out comes the cockies and other pest.


With the current weather becomes increasingly hot out comes those annoying pest that we all loathe.


I usually get pest control done at the end of spring closer to weather but I had found that over the past few days I had a large increase of large cockroaches and bees swarming around my house.


Anyone that knows me knows that I generally don’t have an issue with pest except pest that can contaminate my food and could potentially sting me.


Spiders don’t really bother me as much as I find spiders so fascinating with the way they spin their webs and the amazing patterned colours that each spider has.




Like any other customer that Redline Pest Control services I had to make sure that I had done the following things in preparation for the pest technician so he could commence the pest treatment.

  • Weekly cleaning done
  • No clothes on the clothesline
  • Food in airtight containers
  • Grass cut short
  • My pet looked after for about an hour or so or until the chemical has dried
  • Moved furniture away from the wall
  • Pet containers stored away
So what treatment suited my needs for my property?

Redline Pest Controls pest technician carried out a General Pest Treatment plus a targeted Bee Hive Removal Treatment.

What is included in the General Pest Treatment and Bee Hive Removal?
  • Large cockroaches
  • All webbing spiders
  • Silverfish
  • Carpet beetles
  • Creamy colour crickets
  • Wasps
  • Bees
Would I get warranty if I wasn’t employed by Redline Pest Control?

Yes, Of course all services that we carry out comes with a 6 month warranty. The only time warranty won’t be provided is if there is a high infestation and it will require a second service with will be advised to you both over the phone and in person.

Do Bees even have warranty?

Yes, Bees do have warranty. If the bees do come back all you need to do is call us back and we will send out the same technician that came to your home the first time back to your home.

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Out comes the cockies and other pest.

Potentially A New Species of Funnel-Web Spider Found In Booderee National Park NSW


Funnel-Web Spider
Funnel-Web Spider


Funnel-Web Spider


It has been reported yesterday that scientist from the Australian National University has stumbled upon a new species of the Funnel-Web Spider in Jervis Bay NSW.


What is remarkable is that the 5 cm female Funnel-Web Spider is roughly 25 to 30 years old and was found burrowed in a rotting log.


It is reported that Dr Wallenius believes that the Funnel-Web spider like is to be that of the tree dwelling spider and not the common ground dwelling spider.


Dr Wallenius is hoping that they can do genetic testing on the Funnel-Web Spider to see if the spider found is in fact that of the Funnel-Web species.


Source of information ABC




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Ground Dwelling Spider Treatment Sydney

What are Ground Dwelling Spiders

Ground Dwelling Spider Treatments Sydney


Ground Dwelling Spider Treatments Sydney
Ground Dwelling Spider Treatments Sydney


What is a ground dwelling spider?


Ground dwelling spiders are spiders that live on the ground either in burrows or cracks and crevices of buildings, trees, bushes, rocks, etc. Some ground dwelling spiders do have the ability to spin trip lines such as the funnel web spider and trap door spiders.


What spiders belong to the ground dwelling family?


  • Funnel web spiders
  • Wolf spiders
  • Mouse spiders
  • White-tip spiders
  • Trap-door spiders
  • Huntsman spiders


Ground Dwelling Spider Treatments Sydney
Ground Dwelling Spider Treatments Sydney



How do you treat ground dwelling spiders if you can’t see any webs?


Redline Pest Controls technicians are train to inspect, identify and treat affect areas. Once the technician has combed over your lawns, he will spot treat any hole that is visible then he will go over your lawns and blanket spray for any holes he might not have seen or any spiders which have come to the surface.


If you have ground dwelling spiders inside the technician will let of smoke bombs, depending on the size of your home this maybe 4 to 8 smoke bombs. Once the technician has let the smoke bombs off you must vacate for around 4 hours, once you return quickly open doors and windows and stay out for a further half an hour.


Ground Dwelling Spider Treatments Sydney
Ground Dwelling Spider Treatments Sydney



It is vital that you get a professional to treat these spiders and do not under any circumstances go near these spiders.


Ground Dwelling Spider Treatments Sydney
Ground Dwelling Spider Treatments Sydney


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Black House Spiders Sydney

Black House Spiders Sydney
Black House Spiders Sydney



Black House Spiders Sydney


Black House Spiders are from the family of Desidae, Black House Spiders are also known as Badumna Insignis.


What is a Black House Spider and what does it look like?


Well as you can see the Black House Spider is big and hairy but not all black house spiders are black, big or hairy.


The Black House Spider is a common spider that lingers in the corners of the walls in our homes just waiting to give us a fright.


The female Black House Spider is much larger than the male Black House Spider with it being 15-18mm and the male being 8-10mm. Black House Spiders have large abdomens with long luscious legs. Colour can vary when it comes to the Black House Spider, dark brown to black in colour, to blackish grey colour this is due to the hairs giving them a grey appearance.


Black House Spiders Sydney
Black House Spiders Sydney



What do Black House Spiders eat and will they bite me?


No, Black House Spiders tend to shy away from human contact. Black House Spiders will tend to feed on the liquid from its prey such as flies, moths, butterflies, beetles, ants, bees, mosquitoes.


Where do you find Black House Spiders other than them creeping into our homes?


Black House Spiders tend to set up house in tree trunks, old bark, cracks and crevices, rocks, and left debris. The female Black House Spider will rarely leave her web which is similar to the Funnel Web Spider. When building their webs, the Black House Spider will us small objects such a twigs, sticks and leaves.


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Wolf Spiders Sydney


Wolf Spiders Sydney


Wolf Spiders Sydney
Wolf Spiders Sydney


What are Wolf spiders and what do Wolf spiders look like?


Wolf spiders are a common spider throughout Australia and come from the Lycosidae family.

Wolf spiders are a ground dwelling spider and will either go on the hunt for their prey or will wait patiently for their prey to pass by their burrow.


So what do Wolf spiders eat?


The Wolf spiders diet is crickets, grass hoppers, ants, smaller spiders, small lizards, small birds and mice.

Wolf spiders got their name by hunting down their prey like wolves do but that is as far as it goes by being similar to a wolf.

Wolf spiders have eight eyes and legs with a robust body. Depending on the species of Wolf spiders colour will vary from dark brown to grey with either orange or black markings on their abdomen.

Wolf spiders spend most of their time in solitary and you will generally only see more than one if they are mating.

When Wolf spiders mate the male Wolf spider will wave its pedipalps in order to gain the female Wolf spider’s attention.

After a Wolf spider mates the female Wolf spider will carry her young until they are old enough to fend for themselves.


Wolf Spiders Sydney
Wolf Spiders Sydney



How do you treat Wolf spiders?




Redline Pest Control will comb over your front and back lawn spot treating and holes that the Wolf spider has made. Once the technician has spot treated the lawns he will then blanket spray both lawns as sometimes a hole may have been missed.




If you have Wolf spiders internally Redline Pest Control will use smoke bombs to eradicate the Wolf spiders.

Now depending on the size of your home smoke bombs will vary. In saying that a standard size home will usually have between three to six smoke bombs.

Once the smoke bombs have been let off you are unable to enter your premises for around four hours.

We ask you to open the doors and windows for a further half an hour before entering your premises.



If you suspect that you have Wolf spiders call us today for a free no obligation quote.

Spider Control Sydney

Spider Control Sydney


Spider control Sydney


Spider control Sydney
Spider control Sydney


What is spider control and how does it work?


Every home at some point will have spiders whether they are your annoying friendly house spider or your poisonous spider which is hunting for its next victim.


Spider Control Sydney
Spider control Sydney


How does Redline Pest Control eradicate spiders?


First and foremost our technicians will go around your home or business and will correctly identify any spiders which are on your premises before any treatment is carried out.


Depending on the type of spider which is lurking in your home there is different treatments that we carry out.


Spider control Sydney
Spider control Sydney


Your typical webbing spider will need to be sprayed directly as spraying around the perimeter will not eradicate them.


Unfortunately spiders are not like other pest and will not die once they walk over the chemical barrier which is set in place once a treatment has been carried out.


The reason why spiders needs to be directly sprayed is that their feet or paws have tiny little velcro hairs which doesn’t absorbed the chemical which has been sprayed around the spiders habitat.


Spider control Sydney
Spider control Sydney


Ground dwelling spiders are also known as wanders and will make burrows in the ground and depending on what species of Ground dwelling spider that is lurking in your home or business some will have small silk trip lines to catch their prey.


What are ground dwelling spiders and webbing spiders
White tip spider


Redline Pest Control needs to comb over both your front and back yard to see if there is any little burrows and once a ground dwelling spider infestation has been identified  the technician will spot treat each burrow and then will do a blanket spray over the yard.


Spider control Sydney
Huntsman Spider


If you have ground dwelling spiders inside your home Redline Pest Control will need to do a treatment which involves smoke bombs. Using smoke bombs will kill off any pest or spider which is hibernating in cracks and crevices in your home. You will need to leave home for around 4 hours once the smoke bombs have been activated and will need to stay at least another half an hour outside once you have opened your windows and doors after the 4 hour period is up.


Spider information 


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