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Alates? Termite control sydney

Alates? Termite control Sydney
Alates? Termite control sydney


What are Alates?


The word Alate refers to pest that is of a form of a social insect.


These can refer to Termite, Ants, Thrips and Aphids.


Females are often referred to queens or Gynes and the males are often referred to kings or drones.


In the past few days Termite Alates have taken flight across Sydney.  This happens when there has been abundance of rain and then high humidity and heat. Alates are poor flyers with their wings being very fragile and often breaking away from their body. A female Alate will attempt to attract a male Alate when they have settled from their flight in order to make their own colony and will reproduce.


So what does that mean for homeowners across Sydney?


Sydneysiders are now at risk of termites potentially setting up house in their place of home or business.


No one wants to think that their home or business could be damaged by termites and let alone these days with the economy rising who can afford all the repairs that come with termites and the damage that they can cause.


So what can you do to prepare for termites?


By Australian standards it is recommended that each premises has a prevention barrier and regular termite inspections. For homes in really bushy areas the CSIRO recommends that you have 6 monthly termite inspections and for areas that are not so busy every 12 months.


Below is something you can do to reduce the risk of termites attacking your premises.


  • Remove all debris from your subfloor and external areas
  • Remove bark and wood chippings
  • Remove any logs and sleepers
  • Replace of wooden fences that have wood rot in them
  • Hot water tank overflow pipe will need to be drained further away from your premises
  • Ventilation system will need to be put in place for those who have subfloors with high humidity as dark, damp and moist environments are a dream come true for termites
  • Do mini inspections on your premises, go around check to see if anything looks abnormal like timbers warping, paint bubbling or blistering, saw dust like material, changes in the colour of paint, cracks that may appear, water leaks and mud particles or mud leads.


Unfortunately Sydney homeowners are often unaware of termites chewing through their premises until it is either too late as their house has significant damage or their premises collapsed to the ground.


I know that I am always saying in my blogs, across social media or even to our clients on the phone how vital it is to have regular termite inspections done and a prevention barrier put into place as your homeowners insurance company will not pay you out if termites attack your premises if this has not been done.


I often say that homeowners and investors get the raw end of the banana as not only do they have to worry about mortgage repayments, day to day living and if you have kids their activities but you also have to worry about protecting your biggest investment you will ever have against termites.


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Alates? Termite control sydney

Is it important to have a Termite Inspection?


Is it important to have a Termite Inspection?
Is it important to have a Termite Inspection?



Why is it so important to have a termite inspection on your home?



For anyone who has either just bought their home or that has owned their home for a while now needs to know just how important a termite inspection is on your home.



First and foremost, when is a good time to have a termite inspection done on your home?



I always advise our clients that by Australian standards if you are in an area that is bushy or that is well known to have termites have an inspection every 6 to 12 months. If your area is not bushy you can have an inspection every 12 months.



What can happen if I don’t have a termite inspection?



A lot can happen such as extensive termite damage that can lead into the thousands or even worse your home will have to be demolished. Unfortunately no insurance companies cover the cost for termite damage and unless you have very deep pockets I would highly recommend that an inspection is vital for your home.



What can I do to reduce the risk of termites coming and setting up home at my house?



There are a number of things you can do to help reduce the risk of termites.



  • Keep a well ventilated subfloor and roof void as termites love moisture and humidity.
  • Fix leaking pipes and taps as you don’t want a water source for the termites.
  • Remove any wood debris such as wood chippings, sleepers, tree stumps etc.
  • Do mini inspections on your home to see if there is anything out of the ordinary.
  • Have regular termite inspections.


Is it important to have a Termite Inspection?
Is it important to have a Termite Inspection?


What are some signs that I have termites?



  • Mud particles protruding through the gyprock fibro or any other timbers in or around your home. Mud tunnels are created by termite faeces.
  • When your timbers have a warp or hollow shape to it.
  • When your walls or ceilings paint start to blister.
  • When your floors or ceilings start to sag.
  • If you have power outage due to termites eating through the electrical cables.



Redline Pest Control
Redline Pest Control



What should you do if you find active termites on your premises?


Is it important to have a Termite Inspection?
Is it important to have a Termite Inspection?


Please under no circumstances do not disturb them. Disturbing them only moves them from where you found them making it hard for any pest technician to pinpoint where they have moved to.


You see you may have found termites on one section of your premises but in reality that could be a sub nest and that the actual nest that the queen ls in could be on a neighbouring property.  Now if you have disturbed them how are we going to treat the termites if we can’t see the termites? Yes sure we can treat that area that you saw the termites but that would not fix the issue that you have.


Is it important to have a Termite Inspection?
Is it important to have a Termite Inspection?
Redline Pest Control
Redline Pest Control
Redline Pest Control
Redline Pest Control


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 Termites Castle HILL Call us today



Termites Castle HIll Call us today


Termites Castle HIll
Termites Castle HIll



I have been receiving a few calls from frantic customers who have been doing renovations on their home and have come across termites.


From what it appears to be that the Hills area has been hit hard with termites this year especially Castle Hill.


It is essential to always have a termite inspection every 12 months to avoid the disappointment of repairing or losing your home to Termites.


If you are in a more bushy area it is recommended to have a termite Inspection every 6 months.


It is important to know whether the home you have bought has had a termite treatment set in place that way if you’re home has not had a termite treatment put in place you can arrange for a qualified pest technician to come out and provide you with a termite prevention Barrier.


Redline Pest Control is the leading expert in termite control for Castle Hill and Sydney.


Termites Castle HIll Call us today.


Each technician that Redline Pest Control hires has gone through extensive courses on both termites and how to treat termites effectively.


I often get to speak to our customers on a day-to-day basis and find out what their concerns are. Speaking with Mrs Wong from Castle Hill Who had active termites nestled in a tree in the backyard wasn’t aware that by Australian standards it is recommended that she has a termite inspection done on her home every 12 months.


Mrs Wong was shocked to find out that if she had extensive damage done to her home by termites that her insurance company would not fix any termite damage done to her home. Luckily for Mrs Wong she had caught the termites before the termites have a chance to take up residency in her home and cause extensive damage.



Termites Castle HIll
Redline Pest Control


What are some of the signs you can look out for when It comes to termites?


Mud particles protruding through the gyprock fibro or any other timbers in or around your home.


The paint or plaster on your walls or ceiling blistering. Mud tunnels which can be up the wall in your subfloor and any other foundation on your home. My tunnels are created by termite faeces.


Sagging floors or ceilings. Hollowing of timbers. Power failure as termites chewed through electrical wires.


What should you do if you have found termites in your home or on your property? First and foremost do not disturb the termites as by disturbing the termites will cause them to move to a new location.


Do not spray the termites with any store or product nor pour any other chemical on to the termites as this will only kill the termites which are there and will not kill the colony.


Redline Pest Control Will always inspect identify and treat termites accordingly to the Australian standards.


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Termites Castle HIll Call us today