Termite Control Sydney

Termite Control Sydney


Termite Control Sydney
Termite Control Sydney


Termites have a specific role in their colony and are separated into three groups:




  • Queen – can live up to 50 years and pump out millions of baby termites. She will never leave the colony
  • King – his job is to fertilise the queen and will not leave the colony except at the start of the colony
  • Alates – will form their wings and when the perfect conditions arise they will leave the colony to form new colonies. This is usually when the humidity is just right


Soldiers – they are the front line when it comes to an attack of some sought.


Workers – will carry out all work which is needed such as building the colony and will distribute food.


There are three groups that classify termites.
  • Subterranean – will usually build their colony underground, under patios and base of trees. Will build mud leads and underground tunnels.
  • Dampwood – will usually build their colonies in timber landscaping, damp subfloors or damp wood.
  • Drywood – will usually be found in tropical climates, will nest in drywood and does not need ground contact.


There is two different shaped heads in termites which are:
  • Mandibulate head
  • Nasute head


Body segmentsTwo segmentsThree segments
AntennaeVery straight beaded antennaeAntennae’s are elbowed
EyesBlind except AlatesCompounded eyes
ColourCreamy whiteBlack and reddish brown
WingsEqual length wingsOne wing longer than the other



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