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Termite Services
Termite Services - Redline Pest Control
Redline Pest Control

Termite Pest Control – Castle Hills and Western Suburbs

Is your home protected from Subterranean Termites?
We all know that our homes are our biggest investment and finding out that our humble abode has termites would shake anybody to the core which is why acquiring termite control in Western Suburbs is essential.
People often confuse Termites and Ants as being the same but they are nowhere remotely similar. Did you know that Termites are actually a relative of the cockroach.
Protecting your humble abode doesn’t have to cost you your life savings and if you really think about it protecting your home through pest control in Castle Hill could potentially save you thousands of dollars in damage. Unfortunately there is no insurance that will cover Termite damage.
What do Subterranean Termites Look like?


Termite Services - Redline Pest Control
Redline Pest Control
Termite Services - Redline Pest Control
Redline Pest Control
Termite Services - Redline Pest Control
Redline Pest Control
Termite Services - Redline Pest Control
Redline Pest Control

• Queen Termite: Creamish with brown patches on her body and to brownish to blackish head. Queen Termites are confined to one place and will reproduce in her chamber. Queen Termites will live around 25 years.

• King Termites: dark brown to black in colour the King Termite will stay by his Queens side to reproduce.

• Alates: Light brown to black in colour with two equally long wings which is the same length and size.

• Workers: creamish to whitish colour with no wings.

• Soldiers: creamish to whitish colour with a brownish colour head, no wings.
What are the signs of Subterranean Termites?
For most of us home owners unfortunately we all are unaware that our homes has Termites until we do a pest control in Western Suburbs or before we start to see damage on our home. How can we be proactive in saving our home from Termites? By inspecting your home on a regular basis and look for signs that may indicate that we do have termites. Then all you have to do is avail a pest control in Hills District for the best results.
Signs of Termites
• Mud-looking material on wooden surfaces – If termites eat a hole through an exterior wall, they will try to patch it with their faeces and dirt. This will have the appearance of a mud like material.

• A swarm of winged insects or discarded wings – When termites swarm it means they have sent out new kings and queens termite to make a new colony, they send out swarmers. Swarmers have wings. They prefer to swarm on sunny days right after it has rained as the humidity in the air makes it perfect conditions for them to find their new home.

• Mud leads in the basement or around the house’s exterior – Unlike Dampwood Termites which obtain their water from wood, Subterranean Termites need a source of water in addition to the wood. They locate their colony near a water source and build mud leads to a food source. The mud leads are the around an inch and can either be free standing or against a stable surface.

• Check all moist and dark places in your home.

• Sawdust like substance.
• Holes in wooden surfaces.
• Bubbles in your paint on walls and ceilings.
• Knock on woods throughout your home as Termites will eat from the inside to outside of that wood.
• Visible termites – If you are doing renovations, you may run across termites.


How do I know if I have termites?


• Sagging floors or doors.

• Power failures as termites chew through electrical insulation.

• Mud-leads – these are tunnel structures which the termites use to gain access to your home.

• Hollowing of timbers

• Mud particles protruding through gyprock , fibro or any other timbers.

• Blistering of paint or plaster.

• Timber fittings bowing.

• Dust particles and frass


What should I do if I think I have termites?


It is important for every home owner to get a termite inspection every 6 to 12 months from a fully qualified termite inspector. By having regular termite inspections and pest control in Western Suburbs amongst other places, it can save you thousands of dollars in damages. All of Redline Pest Control technicians will spend anywhere from 2 hour to 4 hours depending on the size of your home. Your technician will check your roof void, sub-floor, windowsills and other places which can be damaged by termites. If you have found termites it is important that you do not disturb them in any way.


I found termites, what do I do?


Do not disturb any termites you may of found as by disturbing them can cause the termites to leave that affected area making it impossible for your technician to find where the termites have gone. Please do not spray, pour any chemicals or pesticides on the termites or their workings as you may kill those termites that are there but you will not kill those termites that are in the colony.


What can I do to protect my home?


There are many different ways that you can protect your home from termites. Regular termite inspections (every 6 to 12 months), good ventilation, removing all timber logs for landscaping wood chips or bark, clearing any debris from your subfloor, clearing your roof guttering and every couple of months go around your house and yard to see if there is any changes or damages. All of Redline Pest Control technicians go through extensive training each year and will have a licensed to carry out termite inspections and termite treatments.


Termite Treatments:


Redline Pest Control offer many different methods for termite eradication and prevention. It is highly recommended if you live in an area that is bushy, woodlands or in a high risk termite area that you stake the steps to prevent your home by having a termite treatment done.


Chemical Method:


A Redline Pest Control Technician will determine the needs of each individual property to identify the most effective method to eradicate termites from your home.


What we do when doing a termite chemical treatment:


• Drilling of concrete slabs and any other foundations.

• Trenching around sub-floors, piers and any other foundations.

• Injecting termite chemicals using specialised injection rods.

• Blanket-spraying of trenched areas and soil areas.


Baiting Systems Redline Pest Control uses the nemesis termite baiting system through its termite control in Hills District, which Redline Pest Control will install bait stations in-ground and above ground. These bait stations uses an insect growth regulator called Chlorfluazuron, and is the active ingredient in the nemesis bait. Once the termites feed on the bait the termites will take it back to their colony. The bait has a transfer effect and will kill the colony.




Termite Services - Redline Pest Control
Redline Pest Control
Termite Services - Redline Pest Control
Redline Pest Control

Termite Services - Redline Pest Control

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