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Dampwood Termites


Map supplied by CSIRO Australia
Map supplied by CSIRO Australia.


You will see Dampwood Termites living in logs, stumps or decaying trees which are damp and rotting, sub-floors which have high moisture with no ventilation and any other high moisture environments.
Dampwood Termites operate differently than other Termite species and are much larger than Subterranean Termites being the soldiers are around 20mm with larger heads with mandibles at the front. The Termites which swarm can reach up to 25mm long. There are no Termite workers but rather the immature Termites carryout the work of the colony until they reach a mature state and new immature Termites take their place.
When Dampwood Termites are ready to mate the Swarmers which are the Winged Termites will find a suitable place for them to make a chamber to mate in. With Dampwood Termites their colonies are very small but it is known that in ideal conditions the Dampwood Termites can build larger colonies.


Porotermes Adamsoni Termites is a serial pest for all forest trees, logs, stumps and timbers which have moisture residing in it. You will not find Porotermes Adamsoni Termites in Drywood timbers, logs and stumps. Porotermes Adamsoni Termites will form mud piping on various timbers and decaying logs and trees so they can move around to get to their destination. This particular species will attack timbers which are in contact with the ground such as timber post, weatherboards, fences, power poles, decks and balconies which have timber post, rotting trees, logs and stumps. Porotermes Adamsoni Termites will not attack buildings unless there is a timber to soil contact. Porotermes Adamsoni Termites needs damp and rotting wood to be able to start an attack on new timber materials which have the right amount of moisture and decay to it. Porotermes Adamsoni Termites will build small little nest which are often sick, decaying and dead trees, logs and stumps. You will find Dampwood Termites in NSW, VIC, S.A, QLD and TAS.


Neotermes Insularis Termites also go by the name of Ring-Ant Termites and will be found in NSW, VIC, NT and coastal QLD. Neotermes Insularis Termites got its name the Ring-Ant Termite by its habit of working the softer rings of living trees. Unlike the Porotermes Adamsoni Termites, the Neotermes Insularis Termites do not create mud leads and does not leave any external signs of activity until it is too late.  Neotermes Insularis Termites will usually be found in the upper branches of trees and can be found in stumps and trunks. Neotermes Insularis Termites prefer eucalyptus trees as they have high moisture in their trunks and branches. It is very rare that the Neotermes Insularis Termite attacks timbers in buildings but has been known to attack fascia boards and gutters which have a leak.Neotermes Insularis Termites has the largest Termite soldier in all the species which are in Australia and their mandibles are in an upward way and slightly curved.

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