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Drywood Termites
Map supplied by CSIRO Australia
Map supplied by CSIRO Australia.


West Indian Drywood Termite – Cryptotermes Brevis
This particular Termite has been introduced into Australia and will be found in Sydney, Brisbane & Queensland.
Whilst West Indian Drywood Termites are not common, if your property is found to have the West Indian Drywood Termites Redline Pest Control will notify the government and they will come out and treat them for you at no cost to you.
Having a termite treatment for West Indian Drywood Termites is very different to how you would treat other species of termites as the chemical we would use is not affective to treat the West Indian Drywood Termites.
West Indian Drywood Termites are the world’s most serial Termite as it has the ability to destroy even the tiniest piece of wood.
Unfortunately the West Indian Drywood Termite has very bad reputation as the destruction they cause leaves homeowners devastated with either their homes been condemned or the amount of damage that their homes have.
Unfortunately the West Indian Drywood Termites are transported very easy from one place to another whether it is in furniture, wood, or timber debris.
West Indian Drywood Termites form small colonies and do not need ground contact to survive.
West Indian Drywood Termites do not need high moisture and can solely live on the moisture found in wood and timber debris.
Unlike other species of Termites the West Indian Drywood Termites damage is difficult to find as there is no mud leads or other outward signsthat would indicate that you have a problem until something collapses.
Reproductions of the West Indian Drywood Termites will set up new colonies close to their parent’s colony.
West Indian Drywood Termite soldiers are roughly 5mm long and nymphs are around the same size. The West Indian Drywood Termites are a creamy colour with either a creamish or blackish head. The King and Queen West Indian Drywood Termite shave a dark brown to golden color.
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