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White-Tailed Spider

White-Tailed Spider

The White-Tailed Spider also known as the LamponaCylindrata is a native spider which you will find across Australia.

White-Tailed Spiders are a medium size spider and are darkish reddish to greyish colour with a cylindrical body with orange to brown banded legs. They have two pairs of white spots on their abdomen near their spinnerets. Female White-Tailed Spiders are around 18mm long with the male White-Tailed Spider being smaller around 12mm long.
White-Tailed Spiders like to hide out in dark spaces and will emerge out at night time to find their food. White-Tailed Spider doesn’t spin webs but will spin a silken brood chamber in the dark to lay their pinkish eggs with the female often guarding the pinkish eggs from predators. The female White-Tailed Spider will lay roughly 80 to 100 pinkish eggs at one time.

White-Tailed Spider will use its venom to catch their prey rather than spinning a web. The White-Tailed Spider will hunt at night and will feed on other spiders and insects.

White-Tailed Spiders will pack a nasty bite and will often bite on arms and legs. Symptoms of a White-Tailed Spider will be swelling, burning or a stinging sensation, itchiness, discolouration of skin, small lumps where the bite is, ulcers and nausea. If bitten by a White-Tailed Spider you must put an ice pack on the bite and seek medical assistance ASAP.

First Aid For White-Tailed Spider Spiders

1) Do not panic. Reassure the bit victim whilst keeping them calm and rested.

2) If not in danger take a photo of the spider to show medical assistants.

3) Do not apply a bandage as this will increase the pain. Apply an ice pack to the wound.

4) Seek medical assitance ASAP.

If you have an infestation of White-Tailed Spiders call Redline Pest Control on 02 9920 0790 or 0426 002 007 to organise for a highly qualified technician to come out and eradicate the infestation you have.

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