Why is important to have regular pest treatments on your home.


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Pest control residential Sydney



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While it can be daunting to people who have never had a pest treatment done getting a pest treatment on your home is vitally important.

I came across an article of an elderly woman who lived alone in a 5 bedroom home and hardly ever went in to her spare bedrooms. Her son had come over and decided that he was going to go into that room. What he had discovered was something unimaginable, there were over 5000 wasps which were imbedded in the pillows and blankets causing a huge 3 foot high nest.

The pest controller who took on the grizzly challenge said he had never seen anything like this before and that the largest wasp’s nest he had seen was the size of a tennis ball.

At one stage during the 2 hour operation the pest controller had around 2000 wasps circulating him and was thankful he had bought his protective gear that day.

It is important for home owners to have regular inspections on their homes by walking through their premises and inspecting for any signs of pest infestations that may occur.

A lot of our customers have regular maintenance pest treatments between 6 months to 12 months. We recommend that every home should have a pest treatment every 12 months that way you are being proactive in avoiding any pest infestations.

If you are due for your maintenance pest treatment or you have started seeing pest in your home call Redline Pest Control on 02 9920 0790 or 0426 002 007 alternately you can email us on info@redlinepestcontrolsydney.com.au


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